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Seize Solar is an excellence-driven solar energy services company providing ENERGY INDEPENDENCE through highly efficient and cost effective solar energy technology to homes and businesses at large.

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Seize Solar possess in-depth knowledge and unrivalled expertise in solar energy! We provide only state of the art solar systems designed to give optimal performance at all times. We are here to help you SAVE MONEY on electricity.

A range of PAYMENT OPTIONS are available to suit your pocket.

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Photovoltaic systems

PV Systems can be designed to help you:
-Become energy independent (get off the grid)
-Reduce your electricity bill
-Avoid power failures
-Have access to electricity for the first time
-Contribute to a greener environment

Solar water heaters

Helpful in reducing your electricity bill.
You have hot water even during power failures.

For your home

Get started with a “Gold 1.5kWp system” perfect to reduce your bill by up to 50% or a “platinum 2.4 kWp system” perfect for reducing your bill by a whopping 70%. Both systems come with an energy storage for usage of power at desired times and/or during power failures.

A range of payment plans readily available for you.

For your business

Get a solar system for your business without paying any upfront costs. Seize Solar offers your business electricity at a rate 15-20% cheaper than Eskom/ Municipality. Seize Solar will take care of the finance, maintenance and any repairs on the system.
OR purchase the system outright and reduce your electricity bill by up to 80% or get off-grid.
Payment plans are available for your business. !

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